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The Health Benefits of Maca for Women

The ancient Incans were masters of the maca root. Traditionally, it was used by Incan warriors to give them strength in battle, and was known as a potent aphrodisiac as well. However, today many women are discovering that it has equal benefits for them as well. Just a few maca root effects for women include:

• Improved Hormone Balance

• Improved Menstrual Health

• Menopause Symptom Relief

Thanks to modern medical research, scientists are now discovering that maca has more benefits than previously thought, especially for women both young and old.

Assists Hormone Balance

Maca has been identified as one of the few herbs that can be labeled as an adaptogen. This means that instead of working well in one specific area, it works to improve the overall health of the whole body. In the case of maca, its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids nurture the body by providing essential nutrients to improve overall function. The most significant area affected is the endocrine system, responsible for creating and managing most of the body’s hormone supply. Maca’s nutrient provision enables the production of several necessary hormones. Maca also contains several alkaloids which are believed to promote the release of precursor hormones from the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which further enables the body’s own natural hormone production.

Regulates Menstrual Cycles

Maca’s ability to improve hormone balance has various positive effects on the body, and few places is this more apparent than in a woman’s menstrual cycles. In studies, it has been shown that maca root benefits women who may suffer from difficult or irregular menstrual cycles. Maca helps to balance the delicate interactions between the various organs involved in the reproductive system, and after taking maca, many women have experienced a more regular menstrual cycle, both in length of the menstruation and of the duration between cycles. Maca can also help to stabilize the blood flow and lessen menstrual cramping. Some women find that maca can also reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, helping to reduce mood swings, bloating, irritability and acne commonly associated with PMS.

Eases Menopause Symptoms

Maca benefits women of all ages, and can also be effective for women during menopause, or even post-menopause. In studies, researchers have observed that maca’s hormone-stimulating effects can help to ease the severity of menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, even loss of sexual desire. By helping to stimulate the hormone-producing glands, maca can make the transition through menopause more tolerable by making the transition from high estrogen release to low estrogen release more gradual, and therefore lessening symptoms. There is also evidence that maca can help to fortify bone density and HDL cholesterol levels, two things that commonly decrease with the onset of menopause.

A potent herb for hormone balance and overall health, maca root is as widely respected today as it was in the ancient Incan empire. Whether it is menstruation, menopause, or just overall hormone balance, maca has shown itself to be a valuable herb for women of all ages. Maca root may be consumed as a food ingredient, but is rarely available fresh outside the mountains of Peru where it is grown and harvested. For health purposes, it is commonly taken as an extract, and is easily made available for purchase as a health supplement. If you would like to try maca root supplement for yourself, you may buy maca supplements from your local health food store in the herbal supplement section. Alternatively, you may also buy maca conveniently online. When choosing to shop online, it is important to choose a company that is trustworthy. For that reason, we recommend Vitality Herbs. The dedicated team at Vitality Herbs takes great care to ensure that you receive the highest quality herbs at affordable prices. All of their products are harvested fresh in the U.S., and are organically grown, harvested and prepared. This means that at no point have these herbs been touched by pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and they are also prepared without the use of any additives or artificial sweeteners. Choosing to buy organic promises you that you will receive nothing but wholesome, unadulterated herbs, with no added risks to your health. We hope this article has been able to inform you of the many maca benefits for women. If you should find yourself with any lingering questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.